What Our Patients Are Saying
They changed my life. I've dealt with knee pain for years and this was the first place that knew how to help. My knees used to flare up by the 5th hole of playing golf and I was thinking about quitting the game before I came to Arizona Medical and Sports Rehab. I didn't want to have a knee replacement so a friend had told me to about this place. I limped in and 6 weeks later I was playing 18 holes. For the first time in forever I was able to kneel down and play with my grandkids. I can't recommend Arizona Medical and Sports Rehab enough for anyone with knee pain. 

I went from having consistent knee pain and not being able to run at all, to completing the Pat Tillman 4.2 mile race this year! After injuring my knees multiple times about 10 years ago, I had accepted that I would never be a runner, or able to work out the way I used to. When Dr. Josh took x-rays and told me he could help me feel better in 6 weeks, I couldn't wait to get started. He began with basic physical therapy rehab and gradually increased my in-office workouts until I was doing squats and leg raises with no trouble at all!
Meet The Staff
Dr Charles Stelk PT
Dr Stelk has widely been regarded as one of the best physical therapists in the valley for over 18 years. He has worked with the United States Track and Field team and many other athletic teams as the head therapist. Dr Stelk graduated from Iowa University with a degree in Orthopedic Physical Therapy in 2002. In his 18 years in the field, he has worked with orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and physiatrists to develop rehabilitation programs for pre and post-surgical intervention, balance and neurological disorders and pain management. He has been featured in several publications and enjoys mentoring other physical therapists in breakthrough treatment techniques.
Nicolas Snyder PA-C
Nicolas Snyder PA-C is highly trained in Sports Medicine and Injection Therapies. He is a Graduate of AT Still University and has over a decade of experience in the medical field. He found his passion for medicine after administering injections to his diabetic father as a child. He is one of a handful of Physician Assistants in Arizona who is trained in Ultrasound Guided Injections and Fluoroscopy Guided Injections. He has worked with several highly regarded Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physicians over the years and brings that knowledge and expertise into his work. 
Dr Kenneth Brown
Dr. Kenny Brown is originally from West Valley City, UT and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science while attending Brigham Young University. Dr. Brown moved to Arizona to attend Franklin Pierce University where he completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Through is love of sports he has gained an interest in orthopedics and sports injuries with plans to become certified as an orthopedic and/or a sports clinical specialist. Dr. Brown is certified in dry needling, an effective tool in relieving acute and chronic conditions. He is certified to perform dry needling for the head, neck, upper back, and upper extremities. Dr. Brown enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. 

Dr Grady Swick DC
An Arizona Native who has made a name for himself in the Medical community for his skills in chiropractic and advanced postural rehabilitation skills. He is one of 3 providers in the entire State of Arizona who has an advanced degree in Neuro-muscular Dynamic Stabilization (NMS). A technique that rapidly improves the ability of the brain to activate weak muscles of the core and extremities. He regularly coaches seminars to other chiropractors on adjustment and rehab protocols.
Dr Josh Adams DC
A Native of Kentucky, Dr. Josh Adams has been a patient favorite since he moved out to Arizona in 2014. The man who they call “Dr Josh” is one of the most sought out doctors in Arizona for his ability to diagnose, educate and treat patients with severe issues. Extremely skilled in examination, reading x-rays, MRI’s and CT scans Dr Josh is known for spending time with patients and explaining their issues in simple terms patients can understand. He has worked alongside with some of the Top Orthopedic physicians, Pain Management, Physical therapists and Sports Medicine practitioners in the country. He has extensive training in Car Accident whiplash diagnosis and treatment for those who have been in severe auto accidents. 

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Arizona Medical and Sports Rehab is Conveniently located in Tempe Arizona just off the 101 and is within a 10 minute drive of Chandler , Gilbert and Scottsdale. We have patients who travel from all over the east valley to see the best chiropractor in Tempe and the best physical therapist is Tempe.
Hours Of Operation
Monday-Friday  9AM – 6PM
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Hours Of Operation
Monday-Friday  9AM – 6PM
Saturday-Sunday– CLOSED